Love & Lace Bridal Boutique

135 Mitchells Chance Rd. Edgewater, MD 21037 . 443-306-9776 . Appointment Encouraged

This page is to help you prepare for your appointment at Love & Lace!

Hello Beautiful!

We are so excited to meet you soon for your special bridal appointment. We wanted to give you some more information about the shop in hopes of better preparing you for this special shopping trip.

Your appointment is set for 90 minutes of bridal fun. You’ll begin with a brief consultation with your stylist where she will go over more details about our boutique, our inventory, ordering times for special order gowns and point out any off the rack only inventory. Once you are ready to start picking out samples to try on, your stylist will ask you & your party to put on cotton gloves while you are picking through the dresses to keep our inventory as fresh as possible.

Our price range is from $799 - $2500 with most of our brides finding gowns between $1200-$1700 and 80% of our inventory is special order dresses from Lillian West, Sincerity & Casablanca and start around $1199. 20% of our inventory is off the rack - these gowns are either our discontinued samples or come to us via consignors and the starting price is $799. Again, your stylist will go over all of this with you and your party.

Champagne is welcome! If you and your loved ones want to bring champagne to your appointment please do. 

We just ask that our guests do not bring any red or pink beverages or food. 

You are absolutely welcome to take photos of the gowns while you are in the dress - we only ask that guests refrain from taking photos of our actual dress tags though.

Your stylist will take care of you 100% throughout the appointment. So your loved ones can relax, sit back and enjoy the show. We insist on doing all the zipping, pinning, fluffing and basic styling. If there's anything that you or your loved ones would like to see with the dress, for example a veil or a belt, just let your stylist know and she will grab the accessory for you. We are more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you or your party might have.

You do not need to bring any special undergarments or shoes for trying on our gowns. 

UNLESS you absolutely plan on wearing that undergarment or shoes on your big day.

Rarely does a dress fit perfectly off the rack. So please keep in mind that you are trying on mostly sample sizes (with the exception of any consignment gowns that have been altered) so they may not be the perfect size for you. If we order your gown, we will take measurements and order your dress as close to size as possible. Alterations will likely still be necessary - your stylist will go over all those details as well. In the meantime, we will zip and pin you in any of our samples so that you get the best possible idea of the fit.

As far as alterations, we do not offer them as a service in house. However, we have a list of 14 on our website that we recommend. You will be in great hands with whichever seamstress you choose. With that said - although we don’t offer alterations as a shop service we are certainly educated enough to discuss and go over any alterations that will likely be needed as well as any custom changes that you might be considering. For example, different types of bustles, adding sleeves, taking off any beading, raising or lowering neckline, zipper to corset or modesty panels.

Finally, if this is your first visit to Love & Lace you are entitled to 5% off your day of purchase! If you are military, a first responder, nurse or a teacher you can let us know and receive another 5% off.

If you have any other questions please hit the FAQ tab. Or you can just email or call us and a staff member will be happy to help you.