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Reopening During Phase One


Posted on Thursday May 14th 2020

I have given this MUCH consideration over the past few weeks and here will be out reopening rules effective this Saturday, May 16th.

Saturday, May 16th until June 1st (this can be extended based on how long “phase one” will be enforced)

Adjusted hours for the time being. 

We will be open for appointments only on....

Thursday 12:30-5pm

Friday 12:30-5pm

Saturday 10-2:30pm

No hours on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

-BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you do not make an appointment on our website or call ahead you will not be able to try on dresses. The door will be locked until our appointment arrives.

-Please wash hands upon arrival

-One appointment at a time. I will not have my full team back for the time being so I can only see one bride at a time.

-No more than 3 people to a party (Bride plus two) Not negotiable for the time being

-If you want champagne, please bring your own cups. Our reusable ones will not be available.

-Off the rack purchase only for the remainder of 2020, the last thing I want is for orders to be placed and this stuff spikes again. Then I will be in a similar situation, stressed to the max, brides & Mom’s stressed and emailing to see if their dress will be delivered on time - me contacting my reps non stop and so on. Just not worth the stress right now. Dresses will need to be taken home the same day and paid in full. Keep this in mind for alterations since we will not be ordering anything with custom measurements or lengths.

-NO WALK INS - Please make an appointment online or call a head since we are working with limited staff and no more than one bride at a time. Again, the door will be locked. You will not be permitted in unless you have an appointment.

-Masks are essential for the bride, guests and staff.

-Only the bride and her stylist will be able to look though the dresses. Usually we let everyone look through, but for the time being just the bride and her stylist will be permitted to handle the gowns.

....and please if you are planning on just “browsing” plan it on a Thursday, we desperately need to recover from two months of being closed and Fridays and Saturdays need to be our “money making” time. Full disclosure, I’m in crisis mode and if I have any chance of continuing to keep my doors open past 2020, we need serious brides who are ready to take their dress home the same day. So respectfully, bring your supportive loved ones and leave the “Yea, but does she have to purchase today?” Friends behind :)

Finally, yes things will be sold at a small discount since you can only take samples home. The good news is, we received a lot of brand new stock right before the shut down so there’s basically a full rack of gowns that have yet to be even tried on.

I know this is a lot of change - trust me, I would like things to go back to “normal” to BUT I still want to do my part in flatting the curve and making sure myself, my family, my staff and my clients are as safe as possible. These adjustments are only temporary, but at this time I feel like they are necessary.

As always we thank you for understanding and being so awesome during all this mess.




Appointments are encouraged! Especially if you're planning a Saturday or Sunday visit and hoping to try on bridals.

We do not guarantee that a dressing room will be open for walk-in customers. Best to schedule an appointment. 

Click on the drop down bar below to book and secure your bridal appointment.

Click the "Weekday bridal appointment" option which is FREE to reserve the room for a first time bride visiting to try on bridal gowns. This is a 90 minute appointment.

Click the "Weekend bridal appointment" option for a Saturday or Sunday visit. There is a $25 booking fee to reserve a room for the weekend. The appointment is 90 minutes and the $25 will be deducted from your same day purchase.

Click the "other appointment" option to schedule a 30 minute pick up appointment or if you're visiting to simply look at veils or accessories. Booking an "other" appointment will not reserve you a dressing room for 90 minutes. 


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We do require a Credit Card on file to book your weekday appointment. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED TO SIMPLY BOOK A WEEKDAY BRIDAL APPOINTMENT. Your card will only be charged the $40 "NO SHOW" fee if you do not call and cancel your appointment ahead of time. Meaning, if you are a no call/no show for the appointment we will charge the card on file $40. 

If you need to make any changes or cancellations just call or email the shop.

There is no fee if you call to cancel. 

Contact Information

Love & Lace Bridal Boutique

135 Mitchell's Chance Rd

Edgewater, MD 21037

Phone: 443-306-9776

[email protected]

Appointment Encouraged to try on

wedding gowns.  

Bridal appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes.

Monday & Friday:


Thursday: 11-8

Saturday: 10am-5:30pm

Sunday: 10am-4pm


Tuesday and Wednesday

We do offer walk-in hours for brides looking for veils, belts, shoes or to just come by and see the boutique. Our walk-in hours are:

Monday 11-5pm

Thursday 11-5pm

Friday 11-5pm

Saturday and Sunday


A staff member will always be at the shop during our walk in hours. 

Payment Options -

Love & Lace Bridal Boutique accepts all major credit cards, check and cash.

Policy : All sales are final. Items must be paid in full in order to take them from the boutique. Returned checks will be subject to a $50 return check fee and buyer is still responsible for the full payment of the bridal gown in cash or credit.

Off-Rack Gown Payment - Items require payment in full same day.

Ordering a new gown -

-Payment in full is required if the purchase price is

under $999

-60% deposit is accepted on purchases $1000 or more with the balance due within 60 days of purchase date.

Customer is asked to pick up their items within 14 business days of arrival. Any items left at the boutique after 45 days will be considered abandon and become property of Love & Lace. 


A third/fourth/fifth appointment...will require deposit of $50. If you purchase a gown the deposit can be put towards the price of the gown. If you do not the fee is forfeited.