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Knock Off Bridal Sites = Knock Off Service and Quality

Posted on 23 June, 2019 at 0:00

A peak Behind the Veil! The not so awesome parts of of the bridal business.....

There's a new site offering knock off bridals....and here are some brides who've used their local boutiques (even one here in MD!) to find "the gown" and then ultimately go to this online site to buy the knock off cheaper.

We all understand budgets...we all like a bargain, but this....this is why some bridal shops have decided to charge for appointments, not just take a CC for no call no shows, but to actually charge a fee for trying on bridals. This is also the reason why some shops don't allow brides to take photos. As small business owners we need to protect our business...this is the way we pay rent, mortgage, employees, health insurance, cars...etc! Having people come in and literally use us, our expertise, our inventory and our setting is very, very discouraging!

 And guess what.. almost every time we know what's going on. We can sniff out folks who are just there to try styles and then buy it online. There are definitely things that give this bride away almost immediately! So much so that the MD shop that has one of these brides in this post went straight to the source and found her dresses, her staff and her space on there with the bride talking about..."I've been to xxx amount of shops and I'm looking for this type of dress..does xxx site have it? "

 Like I've always said, whenever small bridal shops go out of business and all brides have are these cheap knockoff online sites...we won't be there to help you last minute to find something that's not made of fiberglass and causing you extreme rash breakouts.

 This is an issue for small boutiques and we're doing our best to stay around and help the brides who are there to have a special experience and to keep their small businesses around for a while.

 If this continues, we'll have to rethink our strategy and might have to stop allowing photos until after the purchase or even consider charging for appointments -  which we don't wanna do! But there's major talk in the industry about how charging for appointments should become the industry standard. No big deal right, I mean we have to pay for our hair and make up trials right?!? What makes the bridal shop so different from any other wedding vendor?


Y'all this bridal world is crazy!!!!

Stress, stress all the time

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