Love & Lace Bridal Boutique

135 Mitchells Chance Rd. Edgewater, MD 21037 . 443-306-9776 . Appointment Encouraged


  • Do you ever purchase gowns from customers? No, we offer consignment options for items that meet our guidelines. To know more about our consignment please click on the consignment tab.

  • What are you hours? Appointments can be booked Thursday & Friday between 11-6. Saturday 10-5. Sunday 10-4. If you're interested in visiting just to look we offer walk in service as well. We are closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 
  • Do you charge for appointments? Yes, we charge $20 for a weekday visit and $35 for a weekend visit. If you make a purchase; that booking fee will be deducted from you sale price. If you do not purchase anything during your visit it is forfeited. It will not be refunded or honored upon a return visit. 
  • Why do you charge a cancellation fee for your bridal appointments? It has sadly become a necessary evil. We survive on sales and to encourage brides to follow through with their appointment here we decided long ago that we needed to charge a cancellation fee. The fee also stops brides from simply not showing up. If someone decides to just not show up - we can not rebook that appointment slot, so a potential sale is lost and there will never be a chance to get that time back. You can absolutely avoid this fee by cancelling within 12 hours of your appointment time. And to answer the questions about why its $150 (seems high right!) its not - $150 is a drop in the bucket compared to what it cost to run this shop every 90 minutes or what a potential sale could bring in (especially during covid recovery) its also a large enough number that the bride will second guess before she cancels her time with us. 

  • Do you carry bridesmaids, mother of the bride and flower girl dresses? We do not offer Bridesmaids or mothers gowns. But we do offer some flower girl dresses.  

  • How long are the appointments? We dedicate 90 minutes per bride! Need more time? Book a Premier Appointment!

  • Do you rent bridals? No.

  • Do you carry plus sizes? Yes, we stock gown in sizes 4-28

  • How many people can I bring? We ask that each bride brings no more than 4 guests. If you are hoping to bring more than 4 guests just call or email the shop and we can make note of that. 

  • What should I bring? A loved one or two who's on team bride 100% and who's options you truly value, a smile and an open mind.

  • Can we bring champagne? Yes, please do! But we ask that you do not bring food trays, red wine, soda..etc. We wouldn't want anything accidentally spilled on a gown causing an unnecessary purchase.

  • Do I have to have an appointment? If you are hoping to try on bridal gowns, Yes, we encourage appointments to try on bridals. If you are just browsing, picking up and item, looking at veils, headpieces, shoes...etc then you can walk in during our normal hours of operation. 

  • Whats your price range? We carry gowns priced between $799-$2500 with most of our brides finding gowns within the $1199-$1800 range.

  • How long does it take to order a gown? We suggest purchasing your gown at least 10-12 months prior to the wedding date. The orderable gowns require about 6 months to arrive and alterations require another 2/3 months. To ensure a stress free ordering and alterations processes, we really suggest purchasing at least 10 months before the wedding.

  • Should I shop more than a year before the wedding? We, personally, suggest that you do not shop too early. For brides who have wedding dates more than 18 months away please consider waiting. Shopping to early can result in a purchase that you will no longer love come time to do your alterations or if you fall in love with a order-able gown and you're not ready to purchase, should you come back 6 months later it could be discontinued and for us, being an off the rack shop as well - if you find an off the rack gown and do not purchase it will surly not be at the shop the next time you contact us. So save some stress and shop around 10-12 months prior.

  • Do you sell off the rack? Yes! Almost all of our gowns can be purchased off the rack. Even our orderable stock! Consignment stock is always sold off the rack. 

  • Do you offer alterations? No, but we work with several independent seamstresses who are happy to help our brides. Please see our alterations tab.

  • How much are alterations? This truly varies. Each bride is different in her wants and needs for her wedding gown. Its best to ask for a consultation from your seamstress to determine how much your alterations will cost. We have been told that MOST brides who need basic alterations can expect anywhere from $300-$500 depending on the detail of the gown. 

  • Do I have to pick up my dress when it comes in or can I leave it there until I start alterations? Please pick up your gown upon arrival. The custom order form we went over and signed during your appointment does ask that you pick up your gown with in 14 business days of arrival. Anything left after 30 days will accrue storage fees as well as interest on any balance due. See your custom order form for specifics. Anything left after 45 days is considered abandon and will become property of L&L. If there is a balance due, the customer is still expected to settle it. Failure to do so could result in legal action....Lets not get into that please :)

  • How do I pay for a dress if I do say yes to my dress? We accept cash, check and all charge cards. Payment in full is required for any purchase less than $1000 or off the rack. Or we require a minimum deposit of 60% on custom orders over $1000.

  • Do you offer discounts? Yes we do, If you are Military, first responder, police officer, nurse or teacher we will give 5% off your total. Throughout the year we also have specials & trunk shows. So keep up to date on our website and social media to see what kind of specials we have going on!

  • Do you offer refunds or exchanges? We do not....we do not... we do not. Be sure it's the one before you sign that custom order form. Once signed, the sale is final and we do not offer refunds, exchanges, price matching or any other form of refund or payment transfer. 

  • I love this gown but not ready to commit. Can you hold a gown for me? We will hold a gown as long as you're able to leave a non-refundable but transferable 25% deposit and you will have 7 days to pick up and pay the balance before it goes back not he rack and you loose your deposit. 

  • Do you give prices over the phone or e-mail? We do not.