Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to make an appointment to try on wedding dresses?

We do require an appointment to try on wedding gowns. Appointments are limited. 

Click here to book an appointment or you can reach us via phone 443-306-9776 or via email [email protected]

*We can not guarantee a time for a bridal try-on if you do not have an appointment.*

What siz​es do you carry?

In store we have sizes 4-26. We can order most gowns from size 0-32. There is no BODY we can not fit. 

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Why do you charge a cancellation fee for your bridal appointments?

It has sadly become a necessary evil.  The fee stops brides from simply not showing up. If someone decides to just not show up - we can not rebook that appointment slot, so a potential sale is lost and there will never be a chance to get that time back. You can absolutely avoid this fee by cancelling your appointment a head of time. And to answer the questions about why its $150 (seems high right!) its not - $150 is a drop in the bucket compared to what a potential sale could bring in (especially during covid recovery).

How much time do I need when ordering my wedding gown?

We recommend shopping at least 10-12 months before your wedding date. Most wedding gowns take approximately 6-8 months to arrive once you order it. Some designers offer a rush option that allows customers to receive their dress faster. Rush fees are an additional fee added to the over all cost of the gown.

If you need a wedding gown in 6 months or less there are still options for you! For example, some designers carry stock in their warehouse that can arrive much faster if your size & style is available. You can also buy a wedding gown off the rack. "Off the Rack" means you are purchasing a sample gown or a consignment gown that has been tried on in store or worn to a wedding. 

*not all gowns are available to purchase off the rack.*

*off the rack gowns may need to be cleaned and/or repaired, our local cleaners & seamstresses can help.*

No matter how fast your wedding is approaching there is still a perfect wedding gown waiting for you! 

How far in advance do I need to start alterations?

We suggest that you set up your first appointment with a seamstress about 3 months before your wedding!

 At your alterations appointments, be sure to have all of your undergarments with you, such as a bra, shape-wear & shoes - all will affect the fit of your gown and your seamstress may ask you to bring those items before starting alterations.

 Keep in mind that you will have at least 3 appointments with a seamstress before your wedding day. 

We recommend reviewing our Alterations page for more information on our preferred seamstresses.

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