Love & Lace Bridal Boutique

135 Mitchells Chance Rd. Edgewater, MD 21037 . 443-306-9776 . Appointment Encouraged

Kelly - 5 star

Let me tell you, these ladies were absolutely lovely! I had a very stern idea in my head of what I wanted and when I looked on the shelves I was quickly losing hope. However, Cindy pulled a couple of dresses she thought I would look beautiful in. I trusted her and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I ended up with a dress I would never imagine myself in. I felt beautiful, I cried, my dad cried, and we left having ordered a beautiful dress I never want to take off. The ladies were so helpful and nice. They were open to comments and listened to make sure that they knew exactly what I wanted. Today I truly felt like a bride and I cannot wait to wear my dress down the aisle. Thank you guys so much �� my day would not have been magical without you.

Emily H— 5 star

Really enjoyed my bridal appointment in the new space! The store looks great and Cindy was wonderful to work with. She watched what I was picking out and made her own suggestions that turned out to be the best in the bunch. My mom and sister also really loved the special attention she gave us. I'm still indecisive on my dress but I'm certain that all brides looking to explore all kinds of styles at a great price point should go to Love and Lace!


And of course after another day of shopping I found myself pulled right back to a beautiful dress that Cindy had picked out. Just a few days later I was back at the shop and it was mine! I'm so happy I found my dress at Love and Lace. If anyone is hesitant about sample dresses just give Love and Lace a shot because I bet you'll be blown away by the quality of dresses offered!

Ashley - 5 star

COME TO L&L BEFORE YOU GO ANYWHERE ELSE! Love & Lace was the first place I visited and I found my dress within the hour! Cindy and Kristin were so wonderful to work with and I had so much fun! I felt so taken care of and the experience was not stressful at all - I can't even imagine going to a large store with other people roaming around. They helped me pick out styles that matched my body type and my budget. I had such a great experience there that after I left, I almost wanted to go back and try on more! (Even though I already found mine!) I would most DEFINITELY recommend coming here! What a hidden gem!

Lauren - 5 star

I had the most amazing experience at Love & Lace! Kristin was helpful, professional, and so sweet. The dresses were absolutely gorgeous! Visit Love & Lace, you won’t be disappointed!

Christine - 5 star

VIP Experience Without Ridiculous Prices! Love & Lace Bridal was an incredible experience. My fitting time was with only my guests & I, no distractions, no other customers. Cynthia and her assistant were wonderful to work with and really made me feel special (and pretty!). I never once felt pressured to buy anything and I was pleased with the selection of dresses available especially in my size 12/14/16 range! I also appreciated her flexibility throughout the process. I highly recommend Love & Lace Bridal to any soon-to-be bride & for city folks (I'm from Baltimore), it's definitely worth the drive!

Brittany5 star

ONE AND DONE!!! My first appointment with Cindy went better than all my previous appointments at other shops! Some might worry that she has a smaller selection than most shops, but I could have easily walked out the door with at least 3 gowns! I am on the short, heavy, busty side and I actually fit into more dresses than at the bigger shops. And the shop and Cindy were a great experience as well. One bride at a time and all attention is focused on you!!! I am still smiling just thinking about my experience and my brand new dress hanging in my closet! If you are starting your search, definitely go see Cindy!!!

Tindy -5 star

I actually work just a few miles from Cindy's shop, and found the website on a Google search! I had a really bad experience with another boutique in the area so I decided to contact Cindy to help me with my dress search. I ordered a dress online and liked it but wasn't sure if it was "the one."

I could not of had a better experience, she makes you feel so comfortable and welcome (there is even a sign that welcomes you-how cute!) After I tried on about a dozen dresses, I was still unsure even though I had a few favorites, but Cindy was not pushy. She wrote down the dresses that I liked and welcomed me back for a second appointment. In my bad experience with the other bridal shop the consultant's attitude quickly changed when I didn't say "yes to the dress."

After I left I went home and re tried on the dress that I had previously bought online, I knew immediately that dress was the one! I was happy and sad, because I knew I would have to let Cindy know that I wasn't buying a gown from her shop. I emailed her to let her know but asked if we could still work together for alterations, jewelry, etc. She quickly responded and could not have been nicer!! She offered to set up an appointment with her jewelry lady and we could do a little fashion show to find the right jewelry to go with my dress. And, to let her know when I was ready to start my alterations.

I am in the customer service business myself, I am super impressed with Cindy. She will quickly become the go-to bridal salon for this area! Thank you so much Cindy!

Natalie - 5 star

I say ALL THE TIME that I kick myself for not coming here in the first place. I love my new gown and hope my unused gown ends up making another bride feel as beautiful as it made me feel the day I said yes to it! I love the concept of Love & Lace and will make an excuse to renew vows every year just to keep coming back � Thank you, Cindy!

Brittany - 5 star

I wish I could rate them more than 5 stars!! Everyone was so wonderful from the second I walked in with my father and sister and I felt like a spoiled princess the entire time. They were very attentive and really tuned into what I was saying as we looked through the dresses. They have such a gorgeous selection of dresses that I bet anyone could find what they want there. The prices are very affordable and they're willing to work with you on the budget. I tried on ~8 dresses and walked out with my dream dress, one that I never even envisioned wearing! I cannot say enough positive things about my experience at Love & Lace Bridal Boutique. I'm going to recommend them to every friend who gets engaged.

Kiersten— 5 star

This was the first and only place I went dress shopping, and I ended up buying the second dress I tried on! My bridesmaids, my mom, and I all perused the rack of dresses and we pulled about 10 to start with (but of course i only tried on two before finding "the one.") I was nervous when I walked into the appointment, but the whole Love and Lace experience was great. Cindy was incredibly helpful, friendly, and very laid back, which really put my mind at ease. I never felt rushed or pressured when I was choosing dresses or trying them on; she gave just the right amount of guidance without being pushy, really leaving the decision up to me and my mom/bridesmaids. I would highly recommend checking this store out!

Kristen5 star

I had the best experience at Love and Lace! This was the second place I visited and was convinced I had already found the dress at the previous place. However, Cindy had such a large selection and made me feel so great. I was limited to what I could try on at the other shop, but Cindy was able to help me see that there were many ways of making a dress fit perfectly. I ended up falling in love with a BEAUTIFUL dress that was half the price of the dress I previously thought was the one. I am so thankful to have found Love and Lace because a day I was slight my anxious about turned into such a fun experience. My appointment was long enough that I didn't feel rushed at all and I was the ONLY bride there. It was amazing. I will be highly recommending Love and Lace to friends and family.

Katie F.— 5 star

I loved my experience at Love & Lace! Cindy is amazing and made me feel very comfortable! I love that you have the store to yourself! I didn't feel rushed at all, I tried on 2 dresses several times to decide between 2 and I left very satisfied. She has an amazing selection! I love my dress and can't wait to get it affordably altered and wear it down the aisle!

Fran5 star

My daughter said "yes" to the dress at Love and Lace yesterday!! It was a great experience!! Wonderful customer service and affordable!! I thoroughly recommend them!!

Stephanie - 5 star

Hands down the best experience ever! Quick response to emails, texts, and phone calls. Cindy creates a very comfortable and personal bridal experience. I loved that she sat down with us and took time to get to know me before we got started. I never felt rushed at any point during the appointment. She really knows her stuff because the dress that I ended up buying is the one that she picked out for me! Also, many of the dresses, like mine, have never been worn. Can't say enough good things about this place!

Lauren - 5 star

I went to Love & Lace to look for dresses for my upcoming wedding and the owner, Cindy was super courteous, professional and flexible with my schedule in regards to making an appointment. The shop is super sweet and clean and she had several dresses all in stellar quality. If you are looking for designer dresses not at full retail price, this is definitely a place to look!

Cortney R - 5 star

I can't say enough good things about Cindy and Love & Lace! I'm getting married in 2 months and I already had a dress. Unfortunately, I did not love my first dress. I contacted Cindy knowing that time was of the essence and this would most likely be my only opportunity to find "the dress" because I spent so long trying to make myself believe I loved my first dress. The entire experience, thus far, has been an absolute pleasure! Cindy truly has a genuine passion for what she does and wants every bride to feel how a bride should feel in her wedding gown! I am happy to say, that today, I found the dress that makes me feel all those feelings you're supposed to feel. I found my Dream dress!!! Thank you Cindy and Love & Lace for everything. I cannot wait to walk down the aisle in my dress!!!

Heather C— 5 star

I came across Love and Lace through a Facebook group. I decided to look up their website and finally emailed Cindy requesting to set up an appointment. She responded quickly and opened her shop up early just to accommodate me and my schedule. I tried on about 10 dresses and narrowed it down to 2. I was torn and could not decide. Cindy let me take my time to figure out which dress I wanted. I finally picked my dress (my dream dress) with the help of Cindy and Diana! Cindy was very kind, honest, patient, and made my family and I feel very comfortable! I will forever recommend Love and Lace to anyone looking for their bridal needs!

Christina S— 5 star

I didn't think I world be the type of bride to cry at that moment. However, Cindy made it impossible not to cry. I'm so thankful that I found out about this place on Facebook and had a truly wonderful experience. It's nice to know that my search is over. I love the fact I was the only client in the shop and to recieve that one on one care was awesome.

Annya Isaienko - 5 stars

Loved my experience here! Felt like the center of attention when I came in. They were very patient with me as I wanted to try on basically every dress there 😅 also loved that they had the owners dog in the shop with them, made it feel more cozy and personal. Can’t wait for my dress to arrive! Thank you ladies!!

Kasey Quinn - 5 stars

The girls at Love & Lace were so amazing! I went in after such an AWFUL experience at David's Bridal that almost stole my joy for even wanting to pick out a dress. While at David's I felt slighted, unimportant, ignored, and brushed off. I had an appointment at 1230 and was stuck in traffic until after 1! I waa told it wasnt a big deal and they would be waiting when I got there, and boy were they! I was center of attention, catered to, and shown so much love! They helped me find my dream wedding gown and made me feel like a beautiful bride!

Rebecca Hollerbach - 5 stars

I had a fantastic shopping experience at Love and Lace! The stylists were knowledgeable and supportive of me finding the right dress for ME regardless of whether that would be at their shop or elsewhere. I highly recommend them to all of my friends and still follow their social media accounts for all the pretty inspiration and vibes :) I couldn’t be happier with my decision to purchase from them and I can’t wait to wear my gorgeous dress on my wedding day!

Sonia 5 star

I can't express how much I loved my visit to Love & Lace Bridal Boutique! From the moment I walked in, I was taken away by the amazing service and personalized welcome. Not only was Cindy nice enough to pick out dresses she felt would look great on me, but the second one of her choices was THE PERFECT dress for my big day. I couldn't be any happier with my bridal dress, and I regret not making Love & Lace Bridal my very first bridal shop stop. In addition, Cindy also provided amazing jewelry and accessory ideas to give an extra special touch. Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend that every bride make Love & Lace Bridal Boutique their first bridal dress search destination. Thank you, Cindy, for all your help and for finding the PERFECT dress for my wedding!!!

Beth5 star

Went here and they were very helpful. She has an awesome selection of dresses in many sizes. There is something for everyone! I would suggest this store for anyone looking for wedding dresses. Found my friends perfect wedding dress for less than half the cost of a full price bridal store.

Rachael5 star

Very professional. Donated a dress to her shop and I know that once I find Mr.Right I'll be in her store shopping for my dream gown!

Carlee 5 star

Cindy is amazing! She is so knowledgeable about different materials and so creative with ideas on how to modify each dress to your liking! Love and Lace has so much to offer with a wide range of dress styles, colors, fabrics and services! We had a great time! Thanks Love & Lace for an experience to remember!

Alyssa 5 star

I just bought the most beautiful dress! I couldn't be happier it was a great experience!

Karen 5 star

I had the best experience here! I first went to David's Bridal and not only were a majority of the gowns out of my price range but I didn't have the experience I'd hoped for or found the gown that I loved. I found this shop and made an appointment after seeing the beautiful gowns that Cindy had available. I told her what my style was and she helped me find gowns that were specifically what I would be interested in. We never felt rushed, she was so friendly and knowledgeable about what would look best on me. I found my dress that day! It did need a few alterations and Cindy works with an equally amazing seamstress that helped to make my dress a perfect fit. We just got married a few days ago and Cindy was kind enough to meet me at the venue before the ceremony to help me get into my dress. She went above and beyond what I had ever expected. I had an amazing wedding day and a huge part of that was because I felt so beautiful in the dress she helped me to find. I can't even begin to tell how many compliments I received that night. I highly recommend this shop!

Chrissy — 5 star

Went to look at her selection not knowing I would walk out with my dress today! She and her assistant were patient even with my baby screaming the entire time! I recommend this shop if you're looking for Your dream dress and a good experience! So happy I stopped by!

Kelsey— 5 star

I went to love and lace bridal a few days ago for a dress fitting. I had been doing several weeks of research on them before going and I had the opportunity to help in a photo shoot for them. Needless to say Cindy truly cares for her customers!!! We weren't even looking for MY DRESS that day and she made sure she picked one that I would feel comfortable in. I am definitely going to her for my dress AND I will refer EVERYONE to her because every bride deserves to have 1 on 1 attention with a true professional. After going to David's bridal then to Cindy I realized how much comfort she really gives. I can't brag about my experience enough, i can't wait to go back!

Carol Anne— 5 star

Wonderful selection and experience! This is the place to go!!!

Emily B - 5 star

Perfect little boutique! Cindy is so knowledgeable, helpful and a dream to work with! The personalized 1 on 1 service is terrific! The prices are amazing and her seamstress is amazing! The alterations are perfect and the prices cannot be beat. I'd recommend everyone to get their gown here.

Emily M — 5 star

Cindy is absolutely amazing! She really knows how to make the bride feel and look beautiful. She is incredibly helpful and a wonderful person. I found my wedding dress here and I highly recommend her shop!

Anna — 5 star

I can't quite nail down the right word to describe Cindy and her wonderful wedding Boutique, so AMAZING it is!! Cindy and her shop was a blessing to find. Cindy is warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, honest, calm, and most definitely a cool soul. She was willing to help me find a dress that made me happy, thats all she wanted was 'a happy bride' as she said. I went once, thought I'd found a dress but needed time to explore other options and think. She was on my side about doing so, no pressure at all. After trying on some other dresses I just couldn't get Cindy and her shop out of my mind. I ended up back at her shop and I am so happy that I did! After trying on several dresses at her shop (she has a lot, and beautiful dresses I might add), I found 'the one'. I was on a tight budget and she did not make me feel uncomfortable about that. She helped me with many options in my price range, but also the style that I craved. For such a special day and for such a big decision, you need someone that cares and makes you feel good every step of the way..... Cindy is that person.. So thank you Love & Lace for helping me make finding my dress a fun and positive experience.

Jennifer — 5 star

If anyone needs a wedding gown, I am hands down recommending this place! What a wonderful experience! My first time I went to try on dresses it was overwhelming and uncomfortable due to the lack of personal space I was given. I ended up leaving & feeling like I "had" to buy a dress I wasn't in love with bc it was the cheapest one. Well, that all changed when I discovered love and lace! Cindy fit me in totally last minute and my friend and I came in. I tried on about 5-6 dresses and then tried on one for the second time. I knew that it was the one! I felt happy in it, and loved the price! I knew I wouldn't be one to cry and Cindy understood that! I didn't feel pressured in the least. She held the dress for me until I came back two days later with my mom to pay. It was all a terrific experience. I'm so happy to say this process went from the worst part of my wedding planning to the best! Thank you Cindy! You're awesome!

Krystle - 5 star

I have never been a woman who liked all the attention on me, so of course I was nervous as all get out to dress shop. They made it easy and welcoming!! I can't say enough nice things about this shop. I would recommend over and over again! Thanks Love&Lace!

Christine5 star

Thank you so much for a such a pleasant experience, and for my beautiful wedding have really beautiful gowns, and the experience you provide along with them is the icing on the cake....I am lucky to have found you, thank you, again! 

Amy 5 star

I just had the most amazing visit to Love and Lace. I loved every dress I tried on and Cindy was so knowledgeable, flexible, accommodating, kind and just an absolute doll!! Best experience I have had in a long time. Thumbs up.

Cassie5 star

Loved Love & Lace!!! I had the best time finding the perfect dress. Cindy was awesome, very helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her shop to any of my friends or family.

Dana - 5 Star

I met Cindy in the late spring of 2015 while searching everywhere for the perfect wedding dress for me. When I reached out to her she was so nice and professional and gave me details about visiting her store. The day I arrived her and her seamstress Kaelin were there to help me and we had a great time finding the perfect dress. Because my wedding was a private intimate ceremony, I didnt want anything too long. The dress I picked happened to be an extra long version of the wedding dress I fell in love with! I worked with Cindy and Kaelin to alter my dress and I have to say it was the most beautiful dress ever. Cindy is a true gem in how she makes brides to be feel at home in her shop, works within your budget and follows up to see how your special day went! Our Annapolis wedding was absolutely amazing!! Finding the right dress was only possible once I found Love and Lace. Thank you Cindy (and Kaelin) for being such a blessing!

Lindsey M - 5 star

Came in on Sunday and was instantly in love with the shop. It's so welcoming and warm! Been to lots of bridal shops and this one stands apart from them all. It's such a fun environment! Cindy is amazing and cares so much about her brides! You truly feel special here! Diana was there as well that day to help and was so kind! The selection is amazing and she has lots of accessories as well, all at great prices! Couldn't have had a better experience! Thank you!

Kerry N5 star

I will forever recommend as many people to Cindy as possible. She is hands down the best. She provides a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment for brides to try on dresses. I've worked with her on several styled shoots and she has always been so accommodating and helpful. Her dresses have helped us nail our shoots, just absolutely stunning. She is flexible, professional and customer-service oriented. My best friend just got her gown from Love & Lace and could not be happier. Please support this amazing local business, you will be so happy you did!

Krissy5 star

I made my appointment with love and lace by suggestion of a friend who is a cousin of Cindy's. I had already gone to try on dresses but had yet to find "the one." Immediately when I made my appointment Cindy made me feel like a true bride. Cindy took the time to get to know me and my personal style but also made some of her own suggestions as well. I was overwhelmed but Cindy helped me to make my final decision. She is very knowledgeable and very personable. She made my dress shopping experience truly memorable and I will forever be grateful. I HIGHLY recommend Love and Lace for all brides who are working with a budget but also want the best experience possible. Thank you Cindy for being so welcoming and helping me find the perfect dress for my big day!

Courtney Truelove - 5 stars

Going to Love & Lace was one of the best decisions I made! They made me feel welcomed from the second I walked in the door till my very last visit leaving with my dress. They were so helpful and knowledgeable and I cannot say enough amazing things about this place. I would highly recommend Love & Lace to anyone looking for a dress. Thank you all for helping me find the dress of my dreams and for your part in making me feel beautiful on my wedding day!